Our Mission


Tucked in-between several larger urban towns, the Town of Hampton Falls is a residential community that preserves our rural and agrarian heritage. We are people who come from a diverse background, who have grown up and settled down in Hampton Falls, or have transplanted from all over the United States to call Hampton Falls home.

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With a population that started at 541 residents back in 1790, we have bloomed into a community of approximately 2,300 residents occupying approximately 860 homes in a quaint rural setting.

We are a town who’s charm derives from our willingness to help one another, to come together in times of need, to look out for and care for our neighbors and the residents that call Hampton Falls their home. We have an active volunteer Fire Department made up of approximately 50% of its members who live in town, to a vibrant and active school district with approximately 250 children in grades K-8 who consistently rank in the top percentile in academic excellence in New Hampshire.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a online presence where residents and businesses throughout Hampton Falls can come together in the spirit of sharing information and engaging in lively but respectful conversations and debates on a wide range of topics facing our small rural community.

Unlike many other publications, the Hampton Falls Observer will strive to only publish information that is relevant to Hampton Falls. It isn’t that we don’t care about other issues; however, there are many other news outlets that are committed to driving a 24-hour news cycle and the Observer has no intention of overwhelming the good people of Hampton Falls in that way.

The Hampton Falls Observer will provide details and facts, documentation of the issues being discussed, occasionally we may break a news story or two with substantiated and verified facts, we will respect the right of each person in town to be heard and to express their views and opinions.

The Hampton Falls Observer reserves the right to moderate comments, but hope that we can all agree to observe civilized discord in debating issues that are important to Hampton Falls.

Get Involved

If you are a resident in town and would like to contribute by submitting news, ideas, thoughts, perspectives, opinions, and otherwise interesting tidbits for others, please use the form on the Submit News page or send us an email at hamptonfallsobserver@gmail.com.