PSA – Possible Scam Phone Calls Pretending to be Haronfield Academy

by George Koch III

Good afternoon Hampton Falls! Lt. Ryan Veno over at our Hampton Falls Police Department has issued the following advisory based on tips that they have received.

Heronfield Academy notified us of a possible scam. People in the area are getting calls from an unknown source which show up as Heronfield Academy on caller ID and then attempt to sell medical alerts. They have no affiliation with this and wanted everyone to be aware.


Lieutenant Ryan Veno
Hampton Falls Police Department
3 Drinkwater Road
Hampton Falls, NH 03844
Office: 603-926-4619
Fax: 603-926-6042

If you receive any suspicious calls or receive any suspicious emails or letters, please let Hampton Falls PD know so that we can work to keep our community aware of possible scams and to be on the lookout for them.

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