Portsmouth Regional Hospital Opens Seabrook Emergency Room

IMG_1237As of June 1st, 2017, Portsmouth Regional Hospital has opened their doors on their new 12-bed emergency room facility located at 603 Lafayette Road, Seabrook, NH (near the intersection of Route 107 and Route 1).

For patients who need emergency care, you are able to enter either from Route 1 or from Perkins Ave. If you enter from Route 1, please head to the back parking lot and the entrance to the emergency room is on the rear of the building. Ambulance’s will be using the entrance on the covered entrance on the north side of the building. When leaving, it is recommended that patients use the exit to Perkin’s Ave as there is a traffic light at Perkin’s Ave and Route 1.

From Portsmouth Regional Hospital’s website, the various services that can be handled out of this facility include the following:

  • 11 Emergency room bays, including a fully equipped Trauma bay
  • Separate pediatric & adult waiting areas helps alleviate younger patient’s anxiety
  • All private treatment rooms
  • CT
  • Ultrasound
  • Diagnostic & portable X-Rays
  • On-site full service laboratory testing
  • Portsmouth Regional Hospital is a Chest Pain Accredited Hospital and Joint Commission Certified Primary Stroke Center
  • Vital information for heart patients will be able to be transmitted to the Seabrook ER, just as EMS crews would do at PRH
  • Patients needing to be admitted to an inpatient bed will be transported to the main campus with seamless care handoff to our excellent intensivist and hospitalists
  • Ambulance bay for EMS access
  • Services:
    • Full-service emergency care including pediatrics
    • Minor illness and injury (sprains, strains, breaks, falls, coughs, colds, UTIs)
    • Major medical concerns (drug overdose, burns, GYN, sepsis)
    • Heart concerns (chest pain, shortness of breath, CHF, cardiac arrest)
    • Respiratory issues (asthma, COPD, respiratory arrest, shortness of breath)
    • Neurological (CVA, seizure, migraines, minor head injuries)
    • Life issues (animals bites, allergic reactions, cuts, wounds)
    • Emotional wellness (acute and chronic behavioral health)
    • Occupational Health (workplace injury, drug/alcohol testing)

Any major trauma or STEMI should go directly to the main hospital location at 333 Borthwick Ave Portsmouth, NH 03801.

When you enter the emergency department, you will find an admitting area:


Where you can either talk directly to someone or use the patient check-in kiosk’s located to the left (in the above picture) or right.


Portsmouth Regional Hospital states that they aim to have the wait time under 5 minutes on average, and these kiosk’s will help improve the time it takes for patients to get into the system and be seen by a provider.

Onsite services include a lab that is capable of doing blood work and tests 24×7, radiology including X-ray and CT.



A state-of-the-art trauma and resuscitation room are among the various capabilities of this facility.


For Hampton Falls residents, this means that we have more choice in seeking medical care. Additionally if admitted to the Seabrook ER patients have full discretion on what facilities they can be transferred to if they need more advanced care. Patients will not be forced to go from the Seabrook ER to the main Portsmouth Hospital.

With the list of providers who can assist in various medical issues, Hampton Falls residents have a wide range of choices:

If Hampton Falls residents have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly to the Director of Seabrook Emergency Room Melissa Voisine, MSN, RN, at 603-380-2819 or Additionally you can reach out to Chief Jay Lord and the Hampton Falls Fire Department at 603-926-5752 or

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