PSA – Students May Be Playing Assassins Game

As reported by Seacoast Online, Exeter students may be engaged in a potentially dangerous game called ‘Assassins’. While there have not been any reports that this type of activity is happening here in Hampton Falls, it’s important that we educate our students, parents, and residents what this game is as well as safety recommendations. 

What is it? The basic premise has teams of two starting out wearing various camouflage or tactical gear and water guns with the objective of getting opponent teams wet. When that happens that team inherits the team that they got wet and the pursuit continues until there is one team that hasn’t gotten wet. Sometimes this is played with a monetary payout for the last team and is being reported that players range from high school to college aged students. 

Why is this dangerous? With the recently passed laws regarding open carry of firearms, as well as the availability of firearms at home, and New Hampshire being a “live free or die” state, its important to educate players on boundaries–in particular to avoid private property (unless they receive direct consent from the property owner) or public places at night where players dressed in camouflage or tactical gear may be mistaken for burglers or vandals. 

We hope that this PSA serves as both an advisory to educate those who may not know what the nature of this game is and to suggest safer ways to play the game that does not endanger either the students or residents of Hampton Falls. 

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