Obituary – Thomas P. Wharton Jr. MD


For those in the Seacoast area and in Hampton Falls, Thomas P. Wharton Jr will be a missed friend and practitioner that touched countless lives, including those in his town of residence Hampton Falls. As quoted from Core Physicians:

Kevin Callahan, president and CEO of Exeter Health Resources stated, “For many years Dr. Wharton has led Exeter Hospital’s outstanding cardiovascular interventional team – a team that has been responsible for saving the lives of countless members of our community. His constant reminder that time is critical has resulted in Exeter being recognized nationally for its work with the entire ‘chain of survival’ to respond quickly, from paramedics in the field all the way to the cath lab for acute coronary angioplasty. Dr. Wharton has been a consistent advocate for – and proponent of – community hospital-based interventional cardiac programs, thereby significantly advancing standards of cardiac care nationally. His work has not only saved hundreds of lives locally, but countless lives across the country.”

Thomas P. Wharton Jr. is the author or has co-authored dozens of scientific articles in the field of interventional cardiology including recent works collaborating on ACC/AHA guidelines and Primary PCI interventions.

As an avid fan of Mozart, we leave you with an excerpt from the UNH Symphony Orchestra.

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