Town Boards and Committees

Live – Hampton Falls Board of Selectmen Meeting 5/3/2017

18:31 – Meeting is called to order.

18:32 – Seabrook groundwater reclassification application is being discussed. There are three sites that are sources of potential groundwater contamination within Hampton Falls.

18:42 – Chair Smith asks questions related to how people are notified if they purchase parcels that they are in a wellhead protection area. The Seabrook representative indicated one way would be to add this to the tax card. Another suggestion discussed would be to have the planning board extend the aquifer protection area to include the area that is being discussed by the Seabrook public works. Also requested was for the Seabrook representatives to reach out to the planning board. Chair Smith puts forth a motion in support of the application by Seabrook. The vote was 3 for and 0 against.

18:46 – Chair Smith puts forth a motion for a public hearing to ratify the election on May the 15th. The vote was 2 for, 1 against. Selectman Ziolkowski asks if the vote can be delayed pending the outcome of the citizen review board. Chair Smith submits that we cannot hold up the town business, the budgets, the warrants until that review is done.

18:51 – Scheduling of the work session as well as Comcast franchise fee use. Workshop scheduled for May 10th at 9:30AM.

18:54 – Discussion related to the 54 Exeter Road property. Chair Smith asks Town Administrator to resend request for contact to property owner.

18:55 – Discussion on the Hampton Falls historical society museum lease renewal. Chair Smith makes a motion to renew the lease for 1 additional year with 3 for and 0 against. Also discussed is for next year to put forth a motion to go with a 5 year lease instead of a 1 year lease.

19:01 – Discussion on the Dirt Doctor to both chip the limbs and screen the leaves at the brush dump for $4400. Vote 3 for and 0 against.

19:05 – Vote for Resident(s) in Industrial or Commercial zone 3 for and 0 against.

19:06 – Vote for Acceptance of Repayment of Taxes by Tax Collector with 3 for and 0 against. There are 6 Veteran’s Tax Credit Applications with a vote of 3 for and 0 against.

19:07 – Tabling vote on Annual Review and Approval of Investment Policy due to member not being present. Chair Smith submits a number of questions and tables to the next Selectboard meeting.

19:08 – Selectmen’s permit applications for Arts on the Common June 3, Castleberry Fairs May 13 and 14 and September 16 and 17, and Bandstand Concerts June 15 through August 24. Vote was 3 for and 0 against.

19:18 – Revisit request by resident to use town hall parking lot July 15th. Resident has taken out insurance policy and has received permits from the Fire and Police Chiefs. Vote of 3 for and 0 against.

19:26 – Discussion on how to communicate new fee changes for the brush dump. Decision was made by motion to opt to send out a mailer to all residents in town with a vote 3 for and 0 against.

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