Town Boards and Committees

2016-2017 Winter Road Maintenance Complaints

Many in town have complained about the poor conditions of the roads this past winter season. Roads that were not plowed to be safe and passable, long delays in getting roads plowed after a snow fall, and damaged property such as mailboxes and fences.

We urge residents to make sure that if you see something, say something. The current process of reporting winter road maintenance issues is to file a complaint with the Town Administrator. This can be done one of three ways:

  • By phone: 603-926-4618 ext. 3 during the hours of Mon- Fri 8:00-4:00
  • In person: 1 Drinkwater Rd, Hampton Falls during the hours of Mon- Fri 8:00-4:00
  • By email:

It is important that we all take the time to file our complaints with the town as this will affect the performance vendor that we employ to take care of our roads and public buildings during the winter. At present and through 2019 (five year term), the Town of Hampton Falls has employed ELM where Town of Hampton Falls Selectman Jim Ziolkowski is also President of ELM. Additionally ELM also holds the contract for mowing and grounds-keeping for the town buildings, cemeteries, and small commons. A copy of his contracts can be found below.

2016 Cemeteries, Government Buildings, and Small Commons Mowing Agreement

2014-2019 Winter Road Maintenance Services Agreement

2016 Gov. Weare Park and Town Common Mowing Agreement

Last year we saw a number of issues in town and many residents and town employee’s complained about issues that they saw or experienced. A full list of those incidents can be found below. We need our vendors to be performing with the best interests of the people in town. We can all make a difference by making sure to report incidents that we encounter and keeping our roads and town buildings safe and passable.

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