Town Boards and Committees

Live – Hampton Falls Board of Selectmen Meeting 4/19/2017

18:30pm – Meeting called to order by Chairman Smith. Starting with building inspector report. Permits are on track for the Spring. Review goals of the year for the building inspector. Integration coming along between permits and assessor and tax files to merge into a unified system. Vice Chair McDermott inquired about what additional manpower is needed to help expedite the process as it is currently being updated in the system when time permits. Alignment going well to the State RSA regarding accessory dwelling’s. There are some issues that are being worked through the ZBA as instances come up related to wording within the statutes.

18:38pm – Town improvement committee discussing putting a floating dock at the end of depot road. Road Agent provided details on some of the considerations that need to be made for each of the floating docks. Selectman Ziolkowski inquired if any consideration was made to check pricing¬† for used docks instead of new ones. Road Agent indicated that he hadn’t due to issues that might come up with used docks.

18:41pm – Chairman Smith began limited discussion on snow removal vendor and issues that arose on the last snow storm. Chairman read through a list of deficiencies around town hall and the public safety building. Selectman Ziolkowski recused himself and moved to be seated in the audience to represent ELM. ELM President Ziolkowski responded that he is not aware of the times when things were or were not done–Chairman Smith indicating that the stairs between the public safety builiding and town hall were not done two days after the snow storm. Comments were made that the Town Library were not adequately plowed and ELM President Ziolkowski indicated that it is usually done after the storm and that he’s not aware of any instances where there wasn’t adequate communication between ELM and the Library. Vice Chairman McDermott commented that both the Police and Fire Chief’s are called to remove snow as there was a need to remove the snow and ice quickly. ELM President Ziolkowski indicates that he should be notified and he wasn’t. Chief Dirsa indicated that he doesn’t have confidence that the snow will be removed promptly by ELM. It was raised that several stop signs were sheered off by plows where the Road Agent had to go and repair them. ELM President Ziolkowski indicated he was not aware of either instance having only heard about it via the report; however, Town Administrator Ruest indicated that these signs were raised as part of discussions on April 5th. Kensington contractors issued a complaint that at the “five corners” at the end of Drinkwater Road that ELM had been improperly leaving snow in their road ways. ELM President Ziolkowski defended that there isn’t any way to account for when the call was made to make the complaint and where his plows were at that moment in time. ELM President Ziolkowski went through the list of repairs that have been made so far and requested he be notified before the Road Agent to address any issues. Vice Chair McDermott asked why ELM’s employee’s didn’t notify Ziolkowski instead of Ziolkowski asking that he be notified directly from the Town. Discussion regarding ELM’s plows damaging town roads where patches were removed. Vice Chairman McDermott raised the point that 4 people have complained about almost getting hit due to the poor road conditions at Rt 88 and Drinkwater. ELM President Ziolkowski indicatd he doesn’t believe that he has any responsibility with the conditions of the road, but Road Agent indicated that there were methods that could be used on the plow blades to avoid those types of issues at that intersection.

19:19pm – Road Agent report. The current expenditure to date for the year has reached the $10,000 budget. There are concerns if there may be some tree removal that needs to wait until the next year unless monies can be recovered from the county or FEMA. Chief Lord was absent at this meeting to attend another meeting where that topic is being discussed and will report back to the town his findings.

19:29pm – It was raised by the Road Agent that there was work done at the request of Unitil that they have not or will not reimburse. Chairman Smith requested that the Town Administrator issue a letter from the Board of Selectmen to inquire with Unitil on this invoice.

19:36pm – Discussion on what roads need to be repaired with hot-top. Specific streets were identified by Selectman Ziolkowski including Alexis, Crystal, and Evergreen (among others).

19:39pm – White goods day coming up on Saturday May 13th, 8am to 2pm at the town brush dump. Discussions were raised by the Town Administrator on what containers and compactors were needed this year. The town administrator indicated there are amended rules for this years white goods day and information online to provide details on the changes.

19:49pm – Chief Dirsa providing updates on the HFPD. Indicated that the new secretary is being acclimated and being cross trained by Sheri. Chief indicated that there is a concern with growing amounts of evidence and records. One project this year will be to start working on filing motions to be granted permission to dispose of certain cases that have amassed a lot of evidence. If granted, could free up a lot of needed space.

19:55pm – Discussion on unified video recording and audio recording for the public safety, library and town. Chairman Smith indicated that a technology plan is being worked on that may allow for overlap and cost savings when factoring in all town buildings on Drinkwater Road.

19:57pm – A vote took place regarding an amendment to a town policy regarding how schedules are presented. Vice Chair McDermott made the motion, Chair Smith seconded, and Selectman Ziolkowski abstained.

20:02pm – Chairman Smith requested that the town legal council’s letter regarding the 2017 elections will be available. Vote was unanimous for this motion.

20:11pm – Public comments open, Chief Dirsa requested a letter be written to thank Sheri Allan for her years of service and gratitude.

20:14pm – Chair Smith made a motion to add minutes from the Emergency Management meeting held on March 13th following the 2pm call with Gov. Sununu. The motion was seconded with both Smith and McDermott voting for and Ziolkowski abstained.

We will be requesting documents raised during the public session and posting them as soon as they are available.

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