Union Leader on Hampton Falls 2017 Election

Union Leader

Tonight at the LAS gym, the Board of Selectmen have convened a public hearing to discuss concerns around the 2017 Election results. Details can be found on the Observer here.

The main point that has been raised by those who oppose the ratification of the 2017 election has been voter suppression due to failure to notify a change of location on March 14th where absentee ballots could be cast at the suggestion of Governor Chris Sununu after the election date had been moved by the Town Moderator and with the support of all three Selectmen of Hampton Falls. The New Hampshire RSA does not require a town or municipality to provide notifications regarding absentee ballots before any election.

According to the article, on March 14th:

While Hampton Falls moved its election, an assistant clerk set up office in the nearby safety complex on March 14 to accept absentee ballots. Of 158 absentee ballots cast, six were completed that day, Smith said.

The article goes on to say:

That process will be among the steps reviewed at tonight’s public hearing, 6:30 p.m., at the Lincoln Akerman School gym. Findings and opinion of town counsel will also be shared, according to the public notice.

“If people aren’t satisfied now, all we can do is try to answer their questions the best we can,” Smith said.

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