Live – Public Hearing March 2017 Elections


Updated 4/14/2017 at 18:20 – Adjusted image size. Additionally the full public session video can be found over at the LAS Youtube page. Lastly, a short clip as been added to the last paragraph that contains the full exchange between Ziolkowski and Smith.

6:33pm – Chair Smith starts by reading the public hearing notice, indicates no votes will take place as this is not a selectmens meeting, and read a statement from the New Hampshire Municipal Association statement that was also read in and part of the record of the last official select board meeting.

6:40pm – Vice Chair Ziolkowski interrupts Chair Smith who is reading into the record a timeline of the events.

6:46pm – Vice Chair Ziolkowski is making his statement after Chair Smith has finished reading his statement and the timeline of events.

6:57pm – Town Moderator JP is addressing the floor after Vice Chair Ziolkowski has finished his statements alleging that while he was present for the initial decision by the Town Moderator, he questions a later possibility of reversing that decision. Eluding to the possibility that had he been at that discussion and given the time when the announcement was officially made to the Town that the election had been postponed, the Town could change the election back to the 14th. As part of JP’s statement he indicated that there were several towns that also joined Hampton Falls (73 towns in NH including Exeter and South Hampton) and cautioned that changing the election date again might cause additional confusion.

7:06pm – Vice Chair Ziolkowski asks a number of questions about why the decision was made not to have the Town Hall opened back up after it was decided at the 9am meeting to close the town hall. JP is addressing these concerns incidating among other reasons why it was decided to have the absentee ballots available at the public safety complex.

7:12pm – Vice Chair Ziolkowski is asking if any RSA’s were violated by moving the Town Clerks office to the Public Safety building. He did acknowledge after making these statements “…the RSAs were followed…” and continued by asking another hypothetical question.

7:16pm – Chair Smith has opened the floor for public comment and provided some guidelines for those who wish to make a comment.

7:29pm – It was asked specifically why Vice Chair Ziolkowski was not able to attend the 12pm meeting, and his response was that he was unable to make it there within 10 minutes.

7:34pm – Candidate Santora made a statement introductions a letter he sent to the selectmen and chose to read only a brief portion of that letter. As he introduced this letter the Observer will be asking for a copy of the letter and posting it for the public to see its entirety.

8:01pm – Public comments are continuing. It is being asked of Vice Chair Ziolkowski what we do to move forward given that the select board doesn’t have the authority to make any change in that regard.

8:28pm – Two residents have come together to propose a resident committee to review the details. Jim indicated he’d need to see the framework before making a statement.

8:38pm – The question was asked to Vice Chair Ziolkowski about the petition that’s out there asking for a revote and where that is going. The selectman indicated that he still contends that there should be a review and if necessary a revote.

9:10pm – Vice Chair Ziolkowski asks Chair Smith to acknowledge that he was not on a “witch hunt” after Santora lost but when asked by a resident if he would acknowledge that Chair Smith and Selectman McDermott acted in good faith during the Pre-election process said he could not.

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