1HF Statement – Your Neighbors

Today, the One Hampton Falls (1HF) group in Hampton Falls has sent out an email to members of the list it runs:

OneHamptonFalls is still around, though we’ve been quiet in the past few weeks. We stand by our mission to bring our town together and we are looking forward to building bridges in working with other town groups to support each other and work to focus on community and all the aspects that make HF a great place to live.

Due to 1HF supporting the school board articles, there have been rumblings that people believe we are not inclusive…this couldn’t be more wrong. We support our school as the cornerstone of our community and we do believe that the school board is working in the best interest of the entire town. But, we also support all our town assets – our police and fire departments, our library, conservation and heritage commissions, tricentennial celebration – all of us!

We have heard people ask why they are receiving these emails…simply, you opted in to a similar group years ago, as that group evolved into 1HF, we rolled over the emails and immediately gave you each an opt-out option. If you missed it, and you don’t want to hear from us….find the unsubscribe link below.

Finally, we hope you will join us in coming together.  There may be disagreements, but that shouldn’t prevent a civil and enjoyable celebration of town. Keep an eye out for us at upcoming events. We will be in touch as we work on new town events. Have an idea or want to be a part of it all…email us!

Your 1HF Team



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