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Letter to the Editor – Time to Move On

As a Republican I can say without equivocation Senator Woodburn was correct in his approach in resolving the postponed election issue. After sitting through an extraordinarily divisive Selectmen meeting in Hampton Fall’s last night. I see no reasonable alternative but to have the legislature ratify the results of the rescheduled elections across the State and move on. If you peel back the onion re-voting creates a host of further issues.

For example some Town’s in the SAU i.e. Hampton voted on Tuesday, others didn’t. So now a few towns re-vote, and the results change. How do you deal with that? Does the entire SAU re-vote? Who pays for that? Why should Town’s that voted on Tuesday and their voters be penalized and have to vote again?

The legislature needs to put the partisan politics aside and show some leadership and ratify the results and then fix the convoluted law that created this fiasco and the Town needs to do the same.

The Town Moderator and Selectmen were in a no win situation. If the election was held during the snowstorm those who lost would have claimed voter suppression because the roads were in very poor condition. And by the way one of the Selectmen owns the company that plows the Hampton Falls roads which in my opinion creates its own set of issues especially in this situation. You postpone it, and now those who lost make a similar claims.

I hope the voters of Hampton Falls recognize that there is no easy answer. We need to move on before we spend tens if not hundred of thousands on legal fees. March 2018 is only 11 months away with another opportunity to vote on the issues that are important to all of us.

If this matter is litigated it will take at least 18 months to work its way through the Court system, with depositions, interrogatories etc and a potential NH Supreme Court appeal.

It’s time to move on!

Lou Gargiulo

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