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Letter to the Editor – A Former Residents Perspective

Updated 18:04 ET to add additional comment from author.

My god, what has happened to my home of thirty years??

How could I be so wrong about Todd Santora.  This whole thing makes me feel so old and stupid.

My best wishes to Larry, more so because of these crazy times when it seems people are becoming rabid.  When will it end?

There was a time, not that long ago, when Hampton Falls was a nice town.  One could count on a neighbor being civil.  One could count on a neighbor speaking with you.  There was an old fashioned ease about the place that provided comfort for those home bound from high tech work in Boston as much as for those chatting while loading their pick up at Dodge’s Agway.  Back then, political campaigns were no more than signing the papers at Town Hall and going to candidate’s night at the library, no signs, no telephone canvasing.  And, if you didn’t win you wished your best to the person who did, and if you were halfway smart, you meant it.

Those days are gone.  It’s not just that we are more “global”, sophisticated, or that nobody has any time anymore.  Elements within the town are becoming outright vicious and in doing so are tearing apart a community so well knit for so many years.  The recent antics regarding the most recent election results belie a fiery mistrust of something that just didn’t happen the way a certain group wanted it to occur.  After challenging a close election result, it appears the move is afoot to challenge the process whereby it occurred.  Now, after years of conducting a host of activities to intimidate town officials, this group is prepared to consume the town’s attention and resources in yet another battle, in a renewed search for a conspiracy that just isn’t there.

Just as it is fact that the school expansion funding articles proposed over the past several years did not pass, it is equally true and factual that there was no conspiracy on the part of town officials to influence the outcome of those several votes.  The acrimony attributable to perceived intentional wrongs is misplaced and unjustified.  Admittedly, there may have been instances of individual official’s conduct that, upon hindsight, were not well thought out.  Such instances were not conspiratorial conduct and not the product of any official deliberation.  At the very worst there were mistakes made in good faith by persons of a different persuasion than that held by this certain group.

For many years, I have known the individuals upon whom the sights of this group have been set.  These are fine people whose reward for having stepped up to serve their community is not mere disagreement and protest, but out and out slander.  Shame!

Is there no turning this around?  Are we to lose the baby with the bath water?  Will we watch by the sidelines as the core of a fine community disappears, as Hampton Falls becomes another nameless heartless suburban town?

Charles Graham
Former Selectman, Hampton Falls


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