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Letter to the Editor – Our Lovely Little Town

Thank you for forwarding this note from JP.  Our once lovely little town has been turned upside down with the election of a particular selectman last year, and the establishment of  the PAC, Did you know Hampton Falls.  I am deeply saddened that these individuals bully other elected officials in town, and threaten law suits if they don’t get their own way.

As a resident of 19 years, I feel strongly that something has to be done to change the level of hatred in this town…it’s beginning to emulate the current national political environment. so much anger so much hatred. Enough is enough. As Hampton Falls continues to grow, I believe that some new ordnances need to be looked at…One being conflict of interest, and perhaps a few more..  We do not have an ordnance addressing conflict of interests…it’s time we do.

Our elected town officials should be able to conduct themselves with exemplatory behavior, act in the best interests of the townspeople and conduct business with a fair eye…..since the election of 2016, none of the above has been practiced by various elected officials……

If the town chooses to redo the vote, my constitutional  rights will have been grossly violated…as will have yours.

Kim Colacchio

Editors Note: The Did You Know Hampton Falls is a group that has three public members Margaret Allan (Trustee of the Trust Fund), Todd Santora (Planning Board and Selectman-Elect), and Stacey Kinnaly (Resident) according to Seacoast Online.

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