Challenges to Election Results

Per New Hampshire RSA 669:30, the following ballot questions will be recounted on Monday March 27th at 1:00PM at the Hampton Falls Town Hall. This recount is public and voters are encouraged to attend. The ballot questions that will be recounted are:

Town of Hampton Falls

  1. Selectman
  2. Article 17
  3. Article 10

Hampton Falls School District

  1. Article 1

There are reports that a petition is circulating the town to force a re-vote on the selectman election. If anyone has a copy of this petition, please email a copy to

Updated RSA reference to 669:30.
Updated Added details regarding the petition below.

We have received details on the petition that is making its way through the town. This appears to be slanted by trying to usurp the voters rights to cast absentee ballots in light of a postponement of the election due to inclement weather:

Our vote was compromised in Hampton Falls.  There is a possibility the vote was suppressed with the establishing of a pop up shop for absentee ballots at the Fire Department on March 14 while Public Safety and Town email blasts were telling residents to stay home.  How many absentee ballots were cast after 5pm Monday? We have not been able to establish that number.  The Secretary of State’s Office confirms Monday, March 13 at 5pm was the cut-off for absentee ballots.

Moreover, having two elected officials (Selectman Jim Ziolkowski and Trustee of Trust Funds Margaret Allen) take this approach further demonstrates an unprofessional and antagonistic approach to civility by further creating factions and rifts within the community. The intent by the Town and Public Safety was to convey information regarding the decision to postpone the election to residents in town. However, it is widely known that these mediums do not always reach all residents. With the public safety building being the own town facility with power due to the nor’easter, and with volunteers out and working all day clearing fallen tree’s that were blocking roads and had knocked down power lines, there were several voters who did end up at the public safety building where an election clerk was available to validate the individual as a registered voter and allow them to cast their ballot. To suggest this was done covertly or to subvert the election process is simply incorrect.

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