Voting in Hampton Falls 3/16/2017 and increases in Taxes

Reminder, voting will be taking place at the Town Hall tomorrow 3/16/2017.

Based on the 2016 NH Revenue Service data, Hampton Falls is 15 out of 37 towns and a city in Rockingham County at $21.50.

Hampton Falls has is the 5th lowest municipal tax effort in Rockingham County at $1.6M in 2016. This is due to the steady leadership of our selectboard and department Chiefs to make fiscally responsible decisions with how the town spends its dollars.

Hampton Falls is 8th in local school tax effort in Rockingham County at $5.9M in 2016.

Home buyers have many choices to consider when buying homes, one being the property tax rate. Many choose the seacoast because of its coastal New England charm. Of all of the towns in the seacoast, only Exeter at $26.24 has a higher tax rate than Hampton Falls. The majority of other towns: New Castle, Newington, Rye, Seabrook, Hampton, Greenland, Portsmouth, North Hampton, Stratham, all have taxes below $18 (with Stratham being in-between at $20.40).

We all can agree that the school needs improvement. We must couple these needs with the needs of getting additional revenue into the town so that the majority burden doesn’t fall to the residential tax payers.

More details and a copy of the below screenshot as an Excel file can be found at the official NH Revenue Administration website.


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  1. I hope as a group you feel satisfied or a sense of victory for continuing to block progress in our town. Congratulations, children of Hampton Falls will still be taught in an undersized and outdated school, faculty will continue to have to deal with an undersized and poor work environment (and we will lose good teachers). Mobile classrooms will be popping up soon and our taxes will rise at a higher rate because this has once again been blocked by your group despite the majority of the town’s approval. The cost of this project, (which is inevitable or the school will be closed and is really what you want so that Hampton Falls can become a 55 plus retirement community) will rise more each year.

    Please feel good about what you have accomplished, sleep well and know that your efforts have deflated the enthusiasm for the majority of families in town.

    I hope the victory was as fulfilling as you had hoped.

    Eric Cimon


  2. Eric,
    I am sorry that your feelings are hurt. It is understandable, but not rational.
    The town has voted with a similar outcome over the past few years. Some would call that a trend.

    Take heart in the fact that the Hampton Academy has offered to include the LAS 7th and 8th grade classes. This should eliminate the need /tactic of employing mobile classrooms.

    Mike Stan


    • Mike,
      56% of the community voted yes. That’s the majority. And your right the consistent blocking of this project by the minority in town is a trend. My feelings are not hurt, I just don’t like selfish people.

      Eric Cimon


      • Eric,

        Unfortunately 56% percent does not win the day.
        My point is that over multiple years the sense of the voters is essentially the same.

        There are multiple needs at hand and they should be facilitated equally:
        – spend tax dollars to ensure students are educated in an environment that produces good scholars. (LAS produces good scholars)
        – spend tax dollars to maintain town infrastructure (we do that)
        – do not incur a tax level that causes residents to leave our fine town (on this we must be vigilant)

        Mike Stan


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