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Letter to the Editor – Washington Politics in Hampton Falls

Dear Editor,

It seems as though we finally have a choice in Hampton Falls about how to enlarge our school. For 4 years the townspeople have voted against an article supported by the School Board that purposes building a new 7 plus Million dollar gym. Because the townspeople were against building a new gym at this cost of 7 million dollars plus interest purposed by our school board the children have been crowded and the gym floor goes not repaired. This is so unfair to the children of Hampton Falls. The School Board needs to listen to the people of the town. I would think 4 years of saying ‘NO’ would be enough to come up with a reasonable plan. The gym floor needs to be replaced and we need more class space. We do not need another new gym!

The literature that has been circulating would let you believe somehow that 7+ million is a lesser amount than 2.5 million. Kind of remind you of something? Like alternative facts. I support the children of Hampton Falls and their education but I do not think that a new gym is the answer. Lets fix what is broken and add more space. Let the School Board work with the townspeople to help our children instead of trying to force feed us unnecessary expenses.

Vote ‘no’ Article 1
Vote ‘yes’ Article 2

– Nadine Perry

Update 3/8/2017 @ 3:21PM – Updated title of article due to error

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