The School Board House of Mirrors

I received the 1HF-School Board mailer yesterday and I was incensed by the representation of their “reporting” on Articles 1, 2, & 3.  I could be gracious and say that they never understood what a citizen’s group presented at the Deliberative Session; but that would be untrue.  They knew and they deliberately misstated what the Article 2 represented.  They stated that the resident taxpayers of Hampton Falls would be paying $360,000 per year for the next 20 years.  That is untrue – and they knew it.

Article 2 is an alternative proposal to Article 1.  Article 2 is a modest addition off the back of the building for 4,000-5,000 additional educational space for LAS.  Article 2 costs $2.5 million as drafted in the Deliberative Session.

Article 1 is a comprehensive build-out of 12,000 additional feet-most of which most is an addition housing a new gymnasium.  Article 1 costs $10,000,000 over the next 20 years.  And they have the audacity to claim it “Costs Less”.  Please.  If this is their idea of “New Math”, then I say we need to dismantle the entire system and start over.  Please do not question our intelligence. We can do basic division.

The School Board is living in a nether world, a house of mirrors.  Convinced that they correct and that they must spend $10,000,000 of your money to accomplish their perceived goals, they will do or say anything in furtherance of their goal for a new gym.  Hello?  Lincoln Ackerman has a gym and it is more than adequate for grammar school kids.  Does it need a new floor?  Yes.  Does it need some updating for noise control and ventilation?  Yes.  Cost:  $250,000 complete.

The SB has been engaged in group-think for the past 5 years.  The wary citizens of Hampton Falls have consistently seen through their flawed logic – as they should have – and voted down the $10,000,000 proposals year after year.  The SB members and a small minority of vocal Hampton Falls citizens (only 25% of the town has children in LAS) have been holding up righteous mirrors for each other for 5 straight years. Within their House of Mirrors, they are incapable of hearing any other path to corrections and space reallocation in LAS.  Within their House of Mirrors, they arrogantly close their minds to any other alternative. Their intransigence has reached a new high-water mark. VOTE ARTICLE 2 and remove the House of Mirrors once and for all.

Will Lojek

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  1. Mr. Lojek,
    Why not amortize the $2.5 million over the 20 years and put that figure in your flyer? If you are going to amortize Article 1 in your flyer, why not amortize Article 2? Deceptive to the voter. Much clarification needed in your flyer.


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