LAS Deliberative Session Recap

This year, the voters of Hampton Falls have a choice and we ask that you vote YES for Article 2 [petitioned article] that provides for additional new space for LAS that the School Board (SB) has identified as:

“…the biggest asset in our town is broken…and we need to fix it…the kids of Hampton Falls are being negatively impacted by a lack of space for basic core education and we need to fix those space problems for our children and our community.”

Article 2 does exactly that at an affordable price. An amendment was offered and narrowly passed that increased the amount of the petitioned article from $1.79M to $2.5M. The reasoning behind this amendment was that proponents of Article1 [$7.4 New Gym Bond] doubted the proposed amount was sufficient. Petitioners believed that $1.79M was more than adequate to provide for LAS’s on-going space needs, but compromised in order to get Article 2 to the ballot and give voters a choice.

The SB has stated that if the new gym bond [Article 1] fails this year, they will address space needs through this year’s budget which provides funds for the installation and lease of 3 or more mobile classrooms.   As the default budget does not have a line item for mobile classrooms, we ask you to vote NO on this year’s budget [Article 3] so that mobile classrooms will not be funded should both Article 1 and Article 2 fail to pass.

If Article 1 fails and Article 2 passes, the result could be a brand new academic space which would be in keeping with the architectural integrity of the brick-faced structure of LAS. No mobile classrooms.


Petitioners’ Article 7 to renovate the gym was not recommended by the SB by a 5-0  and later zeroed out at the deliberative session by a majority vote and will appear on this year’s ballot with a zero dollar amount. If Article 1 does not pass, then a serious safety and liability issue continues to be ignored by the SB and the school goes another year with an unsafe gym floor.

In summary, this year the voters have a clear choice: petitioners’ Article 2 that solves the academic space needs of our school for $2.5M vs. SB’s Article 1 that addresses space needs and a new gym for $7.4M.

Tim Samway | Steve Volpone | Don Janik | Beverly Mutrie
Will Lojek | George Koch III

Vote NO on Article 1
Vote YES on Article 2
Vote NO on Article 3

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