Hampton Falls School Board Deliberative Session – 02/10/2017

The purpose of this deliberative session was to deliberate on the warrant articles that are scheduled to appear on the official ballot to be voted on March 14th, 2017. An updated list of the warrant articles as they were finalized during the deliberative session will be posted as soon as the Hampton Falls School Board posts their update; however, you can review the minutes of this session here where the original warrant articles are listed (these are outdated as the language on several warrant articles were voted to be changed):

Click to access hf-2017-01-17-minutes-ph.pdf

The session was recorded by Zach Lamare of the Lincoln Akerman School Department of IT and is available for viewing at the bottom of this post.

While the discussions at various times were vigorous and with passion, town Moderator J.P. Pontbriand was able to maintain decorum and kept both the school board and public speakers on track to the articles being discussed.

In addition to the approximately 90 residents of Hampton Falls in attendance, there were several non-voting members in attendance including Chief Robbie Dirsa and Lt. Ryan Veno from the Hampton Falls Police Department and various representatives from the SAU21 and representatives from Eckman Construction.

The agenda was to review all of the warrant articles that are scheduled to appear on the official March 14th ballot; however, most of the discussions related to the following Articles:

  • Article 1: Bond Addition & Renovation,
  • Article 2: Citizens Petition – Bond Addition/Renovation,
  • Article 7: Petition Article – Gymnasium Renovation,
  • Article 3: Operating Budget,

Apart from some changes to the language in Article 2, the main change was to increase the warrant article from the original $1.79 million to a sum of $2.5 million. Article 7 was changed from $239,000 to the sum of $0.00. Further details to follow and will be posted when they are made publicly available.

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